Machines and Equipment

Due to our experience in the field of industrial automation and mechanical construction for metalworking, we are able to work tubes very different from each other to obtain any required shape, that fully meet the requirments of the customer.

Our advanced machinery allows us to produce also different types of processes such as: countersink, borders, cuts, threads, holes and bulges.

The sectors which we deal with the most are:

  • air conditioning and heat exchangers: folded and shaped pipes for the transport of gases and fluids, in different forms and for many applications;
  • automotive: we offer a wide range of products manufactured in synergy and complementary to each other as heat exchangers for oil, fuel and air, exhaust pipes and air bags, pipes for the power steering and air conditioning, etc…;
  • solutions for industry: pipes for industrial and domestic applications, die-cast components such as plates for electrical switches or pieces for automation systems.

Materials processed by us and fields of application:

1) aluminum and steel

  • folded and shaped pipes for the transport of gas and fluids
  • brazing processes and locking
  • overmold processes and tools for plastic injection of polyamid components
  • flanges, manifolds and fittings for various applications
  • tubes of high quality aluminum alloy

2) iron and stainless steel

  • tubes for airbag systems, obtained from tubes in carbon steel or stainless steel
  • pipes in carbon steel stainless steel suitable for the other temperatures for engines
  • supports for exhaust systems
  • tubes DPF (particulate filter) in order to obtain a low level of emissions

3) aluminum, steel and copper for the heating and cooling fluids for applications in the automotive and industrial sectors

4) steel, aluminum and galfan

  • transmission oil cooling circuits
  • engine oil cooling circuits
  • engine coolant
  • power steering fluids
  • assembled modular
  • tubes for air-conditioning and heating cars

5) aluminum and zinc used for both the automotive industry and for the industrial market (pump housings and engine mounts, steering components, gearboxes and brakes, etc …)

6) copper:

  • coils
  • shaped pipes
  • coaxial exchangers
  • exchangers with capillary tube
  • assemblies of complex piping
  • collectors and distributors for heat exchangers and assemblies