Due our experience and proven technology, we can make parts and assemblies in many shapes and dimensions helping our customers throughout the project phases.


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homestampiOur    Company    is    specializes
in       the    manufacturing    of
tubes     of     any    shape    and
size ,   is   able   to   support the
customer  during    every  stage
of        project       development,
ensuring        high         quality

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Machines and Equipment

macchineDue       to         our      experience
in    the     field    of      mechanical
engineering,    we    are    able   to
work      tubes     very      different
from    each     other ,    obtaining
any      required      shape ,   that
fully    meets    the  requirments
of   the  customer.

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homelavorazioniBy means of our extensive equipment and  machines  we  are  able  to manufacture functional prototypes according to  the  studies  of  the customer,  accompanied  by  the consulting engineering phase to accomplish   customized   design requests and solutions.

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